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but there were nights at bars that i recall
your breath was courage laced with alcohol

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The Killing & Blue

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Wind him up and watch him go.

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Sometimes, it lasts all night. I lie here and I listen to the shovels and the picks against that wall there. And I pray the sun will come up at the curtains before they break through. No, I don’t pray - I hope. And sometimes, it happens. The sun beats them.

But mostly… the shovels beat the sun.

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Orphan Black meme: nine outfits [2/9]

↳ Delphine’s coat

Eventually he sits down next to Amy and she puts her hand on his hand. He puts his other hand on top of her hand. He looks at their hands together and rubs her skin with his thumb. He looks out at the city and exhales. The sun is just starting to break. She puts her head on his shoulder. They watch as hundreds of birds fly around the nearby rooftops and disperse off into the city. 

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